About Us

SavisEarn is a mission-driven platform designed with a vision for service only, where professional services can be exchanged for a price, a platform where one can own a free online space serving as an office to render help and earn without the extra cost of renting an offline office space, and where individuals can source for service helpers to whom might be seriously in need of help for a particular task at quick reach without the stress of finding a helper.

Our mission is to have a global platform where people who already have professional skills but are unable to secure an offline office can use the platform as a free online global marketplace to sell their skills to buyers who need such skills.

SavisEarn platform proposes a mission to help and join in the quest for eradicating joblessness in society directly and

indirectly creating a means of livelihood, making it obtainable and achievable for people who have the skills to render services and earn from their skills of service using SavisEarn site as a medium to own online office. In other ways also easily reaches people who might require urgent help without finding it difficult to get a service helper.