Community Guideline




Note to all concerned, If after reading the community guidelines of this platform and you do not agree or accept or promise to keep to the terms, please this platform is unauthorized for you to use, meaning you must not use the platform for any service that is not related on this site. SavisEarn global is an online marketplace that deals with its operation solely on services, selling, and buying of services only. We tend to create a platform where every of it users will feel safe, respected, and accepted, this stipulated guideline is to promote and protect the community; It's ethical norms and standards does not limit an individual's human right standard either as service seller or service buyer, it's a measurable guideline which the users who ought to use the services on this site shall consent to.

Minor Policy:

This platform requires all users to be at least 18 years of age; any user under the age of 18 is not permitted to use this platform for whatsoever service. Any account suspected to be a minor's account will be strictly banned. Users under the age of 18 years and at least 13 years of age are only permitted to use the platform for some limited service through an account owned by their parent or legal guardian with their total approval to use. All local child labor laws and regulations must be followed by parents, legal guardians, and service seller that use minors in the course of their service, as well as by minors who render service independently but with parental or guardian's approval. Users under the age of 18 years are limited to these categories of services only such as Washing service, Gardner service,

Cleaning service, and Entertainment service.

Creating an Account:

This very platform allows or requires every user either buying a service or selling a service to create an account before using

the platform. You are required to create a username and password in order to access and use the services of this site. By registering for the Service, you agree to provide and maintain true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as prompted by the Service registration form. Registration data and certain other information about you are governed by our Privacy Policy. If you are under 18 years of age, you are not authorized to use the Services here. Your user account may be deleted and/or terminated without warning if we discover that you are under 18 years of age. Your use of any information or materials on the Service is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be held reliable or responsible of any information or materials you put up on the site. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any services you are providing meet your specific requirements. Additionally, by accessing and using the Service, you agree to

be bound by the terms found in our Privacy Policy which can be accessed by the following link Privacy Policy. Any personal information you supply to us while using the Service will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


The team may, for the reason of transparency check, to improve safety and prevent deceit or detect account fraud such as multiple accounts and account impersonation, create a system to verify some of the information provided in your profile, it may refer those cases where you provide us with either your identity document or mobile phone number.

NOTE: SavisEarn cannot take the sole responsibility or guarantee the authenticity, validity, or reliability of the information subject as a means of verification.

Categories of Services:

SavisEarn is a platform with multiple categories, however, no service seller/helper is allowed to create a service that is not supported or outside the categories listed on the platform. Users are only permitted to create a gig that is pertaining to the categories recommended only for use in the site, for any account found guilty of this will be banned from operating on the site.

Every service seller/helper is allowed to post multiple gigs of services in various categories that is only allowed or been listed on the site that he or she can render professionally but using one account only, for any suspicious multiple accounts will be suspended or blocked.

Law permit:

You are solely responsible for complying with any local, state, or federal law. You are responsible for obtaining any required licenses and/or permits as required by law for the services you are rendering/buying. The platform is not responsible and does not guarantee or ensure users to obtain any license and/or permit required by local, state, or federal law.

Use of Service:

SavisEarn global is solely a platform designed for the purpose of rendering service only. Note: This site forbids posting a gig that has to do with the selling of a physical product; the site is designed to run its operation only for service purposes if you suspect anyone talking to you about selling a product on the site kindly lay a complaint against the user, using the customer care email contact.

The use of service only pertains to the Ad categories on the platform, therefore, no Service seller/helper is permitted or allowed to post any services outside the designated categories or post a service he or she is not a professional at, for the best is what is expected of every services seller/helper to render to buyers.

On this site selling of physical products is prohibited, so therefore, no Service seller/helper is permitted or allowed to post a gig that has to do with the selling of physical products for such is not condoled on the platform.

Renting or leasing out property only categorized on the site to a customer should be strictly initiated based on an agreement between the owner of the property and the person renting the property. Note that renting of properties is solely at the risk of both parties and SavisEarn is not responsible for the owner's safety against theft, damage, or loss of property.

No seller is permitted to post any services related to financial advice, Betting prediction/gambling, health consultation, political service, or religious services, Intimacy/dating, or Legal consultation service.

By submitting a request for services on the platform ("Services Request"), you warrant that you have the authority to authorize the specific work or services and that such service will not violate the rights of any third party.

Every service seller/helper must create a solid profile with a profile picture of yourself; you must upload at least one photo as a photo gallery showing a clear picture of the type of services you are rendering.

Every service seller/helper must know how to make use of Google Maps by having it installed on a mobile gadget because it serves as a useful tool that you can use for easy and clearer directions to your destination or location.

You accept as a service seller/helper or service buyer to be time conscious, and always keep to time as booked on the platform. From Thirty (30) minutes to forty-five (45) minutes late on arrival to an appointment time of service, from forty-five (45) minutes to one (1) hour is tantamount to a penalty.

A service seller as a cook must clean up the kitchen before leaving the house and wash every utensil used during the preparation of the edible.

Booking of Services:

Booking a service through this platform strictly prohibit transaction outside the site. All transactions are to be carried out within the site. A service buyer must not offer a service seller/helper payment outside the platform, or the service seller/helper offer to accept payment using any method other than through the site. Please note, just in case you have been offered another alternative means of payment method outside the platform, please kindly report it immediately to the support center on this link support center for it is tantamount to fraud.

The minimum service price that is accepted for every gig to be listed on the platform is $5, any price below $5 will be rejected.

You as a service buyer accept to pay SavisEarn Global in advance to book the service of any service helper on the platform.

You accept that you will receive an invoice of your payment receipt for the service you book through email or through the site on the notification icon.

You accept to keep the invoice of your booking and not delete it at least for a period of 30 days.

For every service booked within 24 hours on the site valid for only 3 days to confirm it on the platform as completion of your service, for if after 3 days it will automatically mark satisfactory complete.

You accept that all communication is to be carried on the website or platform using the internal message system for security purposes, the message might be monitored, and do not share contact till the booking is confirmed, once the booking is confirmed contact information will be exchanged in order to finalize any remaining details.

No half payment or initial deposit for any service seller renting any property or equipment, such as a camera, musical equipment, truck, chairs/tables, cooking utensils, etc. All payments must be made in full. In case of any damages after rent, the service seller/helper should write to the management first through customer help service informing the outcome of the situation, before prompting the buyer to create a new reimbursement invoice stating the purpose of the invoice as a damage fee, for which there will be no payment fee attached, for the service buyer will only pay the total damages cost by the service seller/helper and the service seller will reimburse the total money 100% without a fee attached.

Management Fees:

SavisEarn Global will charge management fees for the use of service on the platform, which is calculated in percentages based on the total price of the service set up by the service seller/helper. The management fees cover administrative fees and site maintenance, the management charges fees are 5% of the service purchased which will be included at the moment of confirmation to your invoice.

Every service seller/helper shall be responsible for paying 15% of the total sale amount regarded as a seller fee. The service seller/helper fee shall be automatically deducted from the service seller payout from the total service amount before any amounts are made available to the seller/helper. Therefore, for any service seller/helper listing any kind of service for sale on the platform, the service seller/helper agrees to the terms of the above payment and authorizes the deduction of the seller fee from any payout.

Service Seller/Helper shall receive a credit in his or her dashboard account upon the service buyer (customer) marking the service as complete after service execution. This applies to any tips received by the service seller/helper as well, which will be held in his or her dashboard account until the service is delivered. The verification or mark as delivered service by the service buyer is within three (3) days if the service was booked as 24 hours service (1 day), and three (3) days if it is a booked service of (2 days and above), of the service buyer marking the service as delivered. Upon verification by the service buyer, the service Seller/helper earnings shall be available for withdrawal. But if the service buyer does not mark the service as completed, then the service shall automatically be considered completed after three (3) days for 24 hours of service, and three (3) days for the booked service. Seller/helper acknowledges and agrees that after verification by the buyer of the service, it can take up to seventy-two (72) hours for the payout or proceeds to appear in the Seller's dashboard account.


Refund Policy: In case a refund applies, SavisEarn still has the right to retain 5% of the total service that covers the non-refundable transaction fees

Tax Compliance:

All services seller/helper who compiles to use this site is entitled to comply with their local tax regulations. In order to save yourself from tax issues, please kindly consult your financial advisor for any tax obligations applicable to you.

As a good law-abiding citizen of your country using this platform, it is your sole responsibility to pay your tax, you ought to comply with your local tax regulations because it is your responsibility.

Payment Policy:

Payment service provider(s) are financial service providers that process payment services between the service sellers and service buyers on the platform, with the responsibility of handling service buyers' transactions and withdrawal of funds to the service seller's currency exchange and withdrawals of funds in the platform.

Service sellers/helpers are limited to withdrawing funds up to the amount shown in your dashboard.

Depending on where you reside, the service seller is responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes that may be due.

Depending on the withdrawal method you choose, a fee is applied by the platform's third-party payment service provider.

The amount you click to withdraw and the withdrawal details cannot be changed once the withdrawal has been initiated.

The minimum amount to withdraw from the dashboard is $10.

For reasons of security, It may be necessary to temporarily disable or prohibit a seller's account and withhold earnings in order to stop fraudulent or careless behavior that could result in issues like illegal acts, security concerns, or suspicions of having numerous accounts.

Withdrawal threshold limit may be applicable in terms of funds withdrawal that may be in our compliance with the site third party, payment service provider(s)

Sellers Reviews/Rating:

The seller's rating is calculated based on the order reviews posted by Buyers. Note: that a high rating gives the seller a higher chance and opportunity of getting more orders from prospective buyers.

It is the duty of every service seller/helper to encourage their buyer to drop a review of their service in order to gain chances of working with prospective clients/buyers

Both positive and negative Reviews and Ratings from the service buyer for a service seller/helper are accepted in the customer review section. Note, please be truthful and give reviews and ratings based on your experience with the service seller/helper

Cancellation/ User Refund Policy:

Our cancellation and refund policy seeks to protect the SavisEarn global platform integrity, and not to violate the service seller and the service buyer's concern.

If a service booked within 24 hours is canceled by the service seller/helper on time prior to the time of execution of the service, the service buyer will be refunded the total amount of purchase in full excluding the charges fee.

For any cancellation of 24-hour service from the service buyer after one (1) hour of the booking time, 20% of the total booking service amount charged will be reimbursed to the service seller/helper account as a means of compensation for the total inconvenience. The service buyer can only receive the full amount of the total service charge fee if the cancellation is made thirty (30) minutes before the execution time of the service as this will enable the service seller/helper to get notified on time.

Any cancellation of service booked above 2 days will have a 24-hour valid time to cancel but if time exceeds 24 hours it is a late cancellation. While any cancellation of a booked service of 2-3 weeks or months (Booked Service) from the service buyer before 8 days to the execution date/time of service 30% of the total booking amount of service charge will be reimbursed to the service seller/helper account. However, the service buyer has the option to decide between deduction of the booking fee refund by 20% or 30% or rebooking the service order using the same service seller/helper within 30 days in case the cancellation occurs between one (1) hour up of the booking time for one (1) day booking before service execution time, or 24 hours up of the booking time for 2-9 days booking before service execution date/time, and eight (8) days up of booking time for 2weeks and above before service execution date/time for book down service. This policy helps guarantee that the service seller/helper is able to cover the inconvenience or expenses incurred.

Note: SavisEarn still has the right to assess the request, and information on the legitimacy of the refund request by sending a message of cancellation order and refund to the customer care services Here within the next 24 hours stating the date and time scheduled for the execution of the service request and date/time of termination of service. SavisEarn still has the right to withhold the management fee of 5% and charge a fee of the amount of the total service (It is a non-refundable transaction fee).

General Concern:

SavisEarn Global is an online platform developed for the purpose of selling and buying services and we understand that most of the services to be executed depend on the service buyer's location (offline) which requires physical meetings and communication in homes or designated places, and as such the seller or buyer is advised to adhere to the following:

Good Manner/Respect:

A proper manner will be essential between the service seller/helper and the service buyer who will be using this platform to solve a needful task. We urge that you treat everyone with respect. The first key is respect for a fellow human being and equal leverage of human rights for it is said that respect is reciprocal. When using this platform to meet a need, please be considerate of other individuals. Although anger is unavoidable, it should be controlled by an adult. Avoid shouting or raising your voice, as well as taking advantage of those who are less fortunate or less powerful. It is true that you will encounter individuals on this platform who have attitudes and behaviors that are founded on various human understandings. However, please appreciate everyone's differences because these are what make us humans and unique creatures, Welcoming thoughts and compassionate people.

Don't try to capitalize on the service fee you paid by trying to abuse or ride against one’s respect. Everyone you meet on this platform for help is a total stranger who deserves fair treatment in respect, love, and rightful manner, so please avoid molestation, or hitting anyone at your service, you are not above human equal rights in your jurisdiction to abuse anyone you meet on this platform, this is a platform for marketing where everyone has his or her right that should be respected.

Avoid sexual misconduct. In as much as you will meet different kinds of people, we advise you to respect their policies too.

Don't compliment someone who is only there at a moment for just work because it is not necessary.

It is not necessary to ask about one's relationship or sexual orientation, you can only ask questions pertaining to your service.

Don't display sexual materials to anyone you meet on the platform.

Do not start asking anyone out for a date whom you only contacted for service.

Do not have sex chats or conversations.

Do not try to make a sexual advance to a stranger who is only there at the moment strictly for work purposes.

Rude Behavior/Harassment:

No hate speech or embarrassing words against a fellow, hate speech can be categorized on race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, disability, disrespectful words, or threatening.

Physical Combat/Fighting:

It is forbidden to challenge anyone to a physical fight or hit anyone. Report any individual who may want to hit or initiate a fight to any law agencies near you to take the appropriate measures and control.

Discrimination is prohibited:

You must not treat someone unfairly because of their race, color, disability, gender, pregnancy, gender identity, appearance, religion, political opinions, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other factor that may be legally protected in your jurisdiction.

Post-service Communication:

communication or contact should end after a contract of service, discontinue communication with the seller/helper or buyer once the service has been executed completely, further communication after the end of service may be reasoned or seen as harassment, such as calling, texting, visiting or booking an appointment to visit someone in person after service has been executed completely and social media contact. Discontinue any further communications after service.

Safety Measures:

You acknowledge that you will defend and indemnify the platform from and against any claims, responsibility, demands, lawsuits, damages, or costs asserted against us in connection with your service.

Sellers/helpers are responsible for obtaining a general liability insurance policy with coverage amounts that are sufficient to cover all risks with the kind of services they render such as food poison, and damage of movable and immovable property during the provision of services.

Take precautionary measures by sending the address of your location to any trusted third party informing them of the purpose of your visitation, and as well inform the third party immediately after you exit from the very location when you are done with the service.

You have the right to ask any cook you contact on this platform to taste the food he or she cooked before serving the meal or leaving the house.

Check your house or property to ensure that there is no property loss or damage before the service seller/helper leaves your location.