How It Works


For service sellers

Be your own boss to decide when, where, what time, and how you work.

SavisEarn global is an online digital platform where you can give help, or sell a service and earn from it, you can render services as a chef, hairdresser, home technician, home cleaner, Event planner, Renting or Home teacher, etc. Do you want to help and make money from it then place a gig on the platform and earn money from your service.

First, sign up with the site.

Create a mind and eye-catching profile based on your skill or what service you can render (you must be good at what you do). Set up your profile, by adding your profile picture or an image that reflects the kind of service you render. Write a description of the service you render and be specific about it. Select your words properly, add your occupation and your skill for this will enable you to convince a buyer more whether you are fit for the service he or she wants. (Note that your information is safe and protected)

Set up a gig based on the service you are putting up to sell. Clearly Fill in the service title, (for example, I can prepare intercontinental cuisine, I can do your house cleaning professionally, I can professionally braid your hair in a nice style, I can professionally prepare all kinds of food, I can do your plumbing, electrical/electronic work, I can professionally plan your event, I can dance, sing, play drum, I can rent my truck out, camera, I can run a quick errand, etc).

Select the category based on the title of the service you are rendering for this will help the buyers to easily find your service

Specify and accurately describe the service package you are selling with a fixed hourly price tag or click negotiable (charge pack), (for example, I will prepare fried rice and chicken for $5, I can rent my camera out for a day for $10, I can clean two rooms apartment including toilet and kitchen for $20, etc) including your available time.

Create some question and provide the answer to the most commonly asked questions regarding your service. (For example, will I be the one to buy foodstuff, or do you already have the foodstuff available? Do you have cleaning materials at home or should I be using my own cleaning materials?) This question will always be available on your selling page for prospective buyers to see

Create a requirement as a request order of what you need concerning the service you are selling. (For example, I will need a nosee mask to cover my nose; I will need some handgloves for the cleaning.

Set the availability date and time of your service (for example, 24hrs or 12 hours, 24/7 or 24/5 (it depends on you)

Upload some pictorial evidence that shows the kind of service you are offering.

Publish your gig to customers.

For service buyers:

Five simple steps of buying service on the SavisEarn platform;

Search for the service you want to buy available in your location by clicking on the search bar, and clicking on the categories you are interested in and search for available service seller/helper in your location to book.

Choose your favorite service seller/helper that meets your standard; you can easily decide by screening their profile, work samples, and customer review to enable you to make a perfect match for your service.

If you are convinced with a particular service seller/helper profile, get in conversation with the seller, by sharing your job specification using the internal chat.

Accept the service seller invoice or create your kind of order with a detailed description of the service you are booking as you will automatically land on the payment page, make your payment on the platform and wait at least thirty minutes for the arrival of the service person.

Once your service is executed, confirm the completion of the service that has been delivered by clicking on the platform complete service, and give a review concerning the service.